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The Undistracted Life


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A tree derives its strength from the earth; the electricity lights the lamp. In the same way, a certain Intelligence runs our bodies: What power heals your wounds?  What force makes your heart beat and your lungs breathe?

But what value does a lamp have that is not connected to the electricity supply?  "What good does salt make if it has lost its saltiness?" asked someone more than 2000 years ago. 

I believe that great part of our suffering comes from the fact that we've lost our connection with the Intelligence that runs the Universe. We've not entirely lost it, we've just forgotten that we have it. What difference would £1.000.000 in a bank account under your name in a remote part of Switzerland make to your life if you have forgotten that you have it?

In this series of meditative talks, I aim to take you on the path where you can remember. Not remember that you have a bank account in Switzerland, but something much deeper. The reason why you feel anxious, depressed, angry, or have low self-esteem, is because you have forgotten what you carry inside.

What are the talks about?


There's a story of a man that lost his watch at night. He starts looking for it under a streetlight. A few bypassers come and join him in the search. A few hours pass and one of the bypassers finally says to the man, "well... it's clearly not here! Where have you lost it?" The man thinks about it and says: "I'm pretty sure I lost it in those bushes behind the wayside over there." In disbelief, the bypasser covers his face with one hand and loudly asks "then why are we looking here?" The man naively points to the streetlight above their head and says: "because there's light here."

In the same way, we are all looking for a sense of fulfilment where it cannot be found: in the future. This leads us to constantly lose touch with the only thing we ever have: the present moment. 

In this podcast, I'll try my best to show you how you can return your attention home - to the present moment: the only reality there ever is and the only place where real answers can be found. It's the "narrow gate that leads to life."

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