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When did we stop talking?

Losing our capacity to talk — to have an honest conversation about how we are feeling — is one of the greatest tragedies in modern life. The practice of counselling is all about showing you how you can regain that capacity to talk. At the heart of counselling is the idea that truthfully talking can point the way out of our unhappiness.

As long as we don't talk with one another — and wear a mask to cover ourselves — life will remain empty and unfulfilling. It is only when we are courageous enough to remove our masks and voice our struggles that life can become fulfilling and whole.

The problem lies in that most of us have forgotten, or actually have never properly learnt, how to talk. This lack of talking is what leads to increased unfulfilment — in the form of anxiety, depression, low mood, low self-esteem, and so on... even addiction.

With talking comes self-awareness, and with self-awareness comes equanimity. There is a way to live in which we can be at peace within ourselves no matter what happens. We can put an end to this endless inner struggle that is slowly consuming our lives.

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Counselling sessions are all done online via zoom. The first session is free!
People from outside the UK are also welcome!

Online Counselling

Safe and confidential space where we can talk.

from £50.00 per session.

First session is free!


Listen to my podcast!

I've designed it to simulate the learning process you would go through if we engaged in therapy! 

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