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About Me

Hello there. My name is Alex!...


Let me start by telling you briefly how I ended up here.

A number of years ago, something interesting happened that totally changed my perspective on how to live life. I saw clearly that my psychological suffering was in reality caused by myself. To be more precise, it was caused by my non-ending thoughts about how things should be. Think about it… I do not know anything about you, but I know one thing: you’re here either because something is happening that you think shouldn’t be happening; or because you want something to happen and it’s not happening.

I do not know if getting life to be exactly how we think it should be is a path that leads to happiness. But what I do know is that there is a simpler path. Happiness and peace are not out there in some distant perfect future. Happiness and peace are possible right here and right now. The only problem is that, as we’ve grown older, we’ve become increasingly overwhelmed by our feelings that we have developed the tendency to push them away — deep inside. This is the reason why most of us tend to regard our emotional experience as a heavy burden. We've built the dam and now we're wondering why we're drowning!

The therapy that I offer

The therapy that I offer


No matter what your circumstances are, the first step towards a more fulfilling and peaceful life is to allow the river of emotions to start flowing again. This requires courage and attention.

The therapy that I offer is designed with the aim of helping lowering your barriers, so that the river starts flowing again. My aim is to show you how you can provide space to yourself — to your difficult thoughts and emotions. You will then find that they are no longer unbearable. This is, I believe, the simpler way to lasting inner peace and fulfilment.

There is a way to live in which we can be at peace within ourselves and put an end to this endless inner struggle that is slowly consuming our lives.



Areas I can help with







Eating disorders
Feeling stuck
Lack of motivation

Low mood

Low self-esteem

Panic attacks

Relationship issues


Social Anxiety



Suicidal thoughts
Terminal Illness


My approach to counselling

I work mainly in a person-centred way, but I tend to integrate elements of transpersonal psychology, mindfulness and meditation into the sessions.

My qualifications

I am a registered member of the BACP (MBACP). I trained as a counsellor at the University of Northampton (MSc Counselling) in 2018 and later trained as a psychologist at BPP University London (MSc Psychology) in 2019.

I was enrolled in a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (DCounsPsych) at the University of Manchester but decided to leave the course after I realised that, sadly, academia tends to interfere with the immediacy and simplicity that I believe need to shine at the core of counselling.

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